Friday, March 30, 2007

Mi Viaje a Colombia!

I am a changed man.

In only seven days, I acquired about eight days worth of life-transforming stories.  Sit tight while we process the experiences and images.  Here's a brief summary and a few images to give you a taste of the beautiful people and culture of Colombia...


"The problem in Colombia is not the paramilitaries, not the guerillas (FARC), not the army—The problem is corruption!"

The violence in this beautiful country has been raging for nearly half a century. This is a situation where it is not possible to wipe out all the bad guys. The geurillas for example, hide out in the far reaches of the jungle living literally underground. I learned that it is not only unrealistic to resolve this conflict through force—it's impossible.

Two friends and I spent the last seven days with one of the chief warriors in the fight for peace among these three conflicting groups. We listened, learned, and saw the manner in which the hearts of individuals on all sides are being transformed. This process of reconciliation is not an overnight solution. It happens one heart at a time—but it works!

In the corrupted man, a changed heart is like a tiny seed of yeast. It seems insignificant. It's nearly unseen, but as the yeast works its way through the dough, it soon gives rise to a whole new way. A way of Love where there once was hate.

I learned that it is far more effective to kill the corruption in the man than to kill the man who is corrupted. 

Change is underway in Columbia, and the hate is falling away as the loaf of Love is rising.


(Here's to HOPE in Colombia's next generation...)

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