Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kessler Pocket Dolly Test

It's like a moving photograph!

Shooting in Rattlesnake Ridge, KY last week for ICM, I ran my first tests of the new Kessler Pocket Dolly. At just 6.5 lbs, it's a revolutionary and portable little slider for the 5D Mk II video shots.

So consider this a little tease of the stunning slide shots you'll see coming into my still image video compilations. I also included two beautiful moments on the second half that just make me smile.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's a Beautiful Life

I was moved by this man's story today. Strangely, I identified closely with him, and it brought to mind my athletic career.

My gymnastics coach Phil Savage would ask, "Paul, how bad do you want it?" For a decade, ages 8-18, amidst the daily pain and joy of training, the question propelled me forward toward the distant Olympic prize.

Through countless setbacks, 15+ broken bones, 6 major surgeries, and perpetual rehab, the question reverberated in my skull; "Paul, how bad do you want it?" It was this rhetorical question that called forth the fighter in me. I fought to regain strength, to compete again, to press on toward the grand goal.

The grander goal achieved was in my character. My character was fostered to fight--to fight against injustice and the earth's undertow of apathy and despair.

This artful short film depicts such a soul. If you have a moment, watch. But prepare yourself; you may be inspired.

Michael and his daily ritual: One man's struggle to transcend.
Cinematography by Sean Mullens