Thursday, December 28, 2006

Vertical Panning!

"Blue Forest"

On a casual hike with my brother and sister last week, I began to shoot some experimental images handheld. The technique is a kind of vertical panning that is done while standing stationary in the forest.

For all you nature photography "purists," don't get scared into thinking I've gone off the deep end, or that I'm going to go and get all artsy on you. But I do encourage my fellow nature photographers to begin using that digital camera (I use Nikon's D200) for shots you would otherwise never try with film. Essentially, don't forget how to "play around" with photography. It is this afternoon I spent playing that has ushered in a whole new way of conveying the mood of the forest that is not possible with a still reportage.

"Painted Forest"

"Forest Dream"


  1. Love it! Kelly does this sort of thing all the time - she's been working on twirling the camera for some interesting shots :)

  2. Awesome Kim. Kelly was considering coming with us down to Patagonia. I had one more spot. But I didn't hear back from her so I gave it away. Looking forward to the presentation Saturday night.