Saturday, July 4, 2009

Climb for Captives - Get Involved!

Visit our Climb for Captives website immediately (just launched today!). When I'm back home, I will inform you much more about this Aug 14-16 mission. For now, peruse the site, be informed, get involved, and spread the word about one of the greatest joys of my whole year. We'll climb Mt. Rainier (Seattle, WA) for the FREEDOM of 18 young girls currently in slavery in Mumbai, India. Yes. Slavery. Take a minute to get involved, and with this sobering reality in your heart, have a joyful 4th of July!

Select "full screen" mode. Click "play." Then, click "HQ" to view the video in higher quality.


  1. Paul,
    I am so glad that there is work being done to help these people, and that you are part of this great effort is truly amazing. I want to say thank you for getting involved and spreading awareness.

  2. What a concept -- climbing to the peaks of freedom for those in the depths of bondage. Thank you for bringing attention to this most-important cause!