Sunday, October 11, 2009

October #3 - Great Smoky Mountains


  1. I'm loving these videos! Keep them coming. Also, I'm going to be around Gatlinburg in a few weeks. Any good hikes or areas I should check out?

  2. J - Good hikes? Too many even to list here. Let me know the following.
    1) Are you staying in G-burg, another nearby town, or planning to camp inside the park? Help me hone the vicinity you'll be in.
    2) Have you been before?
    3) How long will you have here?

    Let me know and I'll send you some great ones.


  3. Hi Paul. Can you tell me how to get that cotton candy effect on streams and water falls without overexposing the picture? Great site by the way.

  4. 1. We will be staying in the village of Gatlinburg.
    2. I've never done much hiking in the smokies - elsewhere, yes but not there.
    3. We will only have Saturday there so we're looking for no more than a half day hike - which I know is very limiting.

  5. Jonathan - Easy answer given the following criteria... "Chimney Tops." About 7-8 miles from GBurg to the trailhead.

    It's a short one (2 miles in, 2 mile out). It is certainly challenging (quite steep during the final 1/2 mile). (But everyone wants a bit of a challenge, right?) Allow 30 minutes (if you're training for a summit climb of Mt Rainier) or closer to an hour fifteen if you're somewhat normal.

    The Chimneys offer stunning 360-degree views of the entire north-central section of the park (the heart of the Smokies). You even have an optional rock scramble at the summit of your hike. Could be crowded because of the reasons described. But if you hit the trail early, you should be left mostly to yourselves.

    Don't expect foliage to be left on the trees by two weekends from now, but still a gorgeous mountain range to get lost in (well, not actually lost, per say).

    ... My easy first choice for your Saturday morning and your first visit.

  6. David - Your question is a very good one. In fact, it's easily in the top 5 of my FAQ list. My response can be found here as its own blog post. Its date is Oct 1, 2009. Let me know if this helps.