Friday, January 22, 2010

Let's celebrate the Fall Workshop!


  1. Paul: I have a question if you don't mind sharing. In what manner do you find best to transport your camera and gear in the mountains? Do you use a camera pack or a climbing pack? Any input is greatly appreciated.

  2. Rodney, I use the LowePro Nature Trekker ( when I'm not going into the mtns overnight.

    If it's a multiple day excursion in the backcountry (and I'm already carrying my backcountry pack with 30+ lbs of gear, I obviously can't haul the photo pack too. Although I sort of accidentally did in Patagonia last January. Perhaps I'll post a photo of that someday. It was a sight to behold. Kind of makes my back hurt just thinking about it though. Back to the topic at hand.

    In these times, I generally limit my options to two lenses and the big telephoto generally doesn't make the cut. By generally, I mean never. It's about as logical as hauling a bowling ball into the backcountry.

    I'll carry one camera and lens around my neck ( The other lens I'll stow away in my down jacket and place inside the main lid at the top portion of the pack. This way my camera's never tucked away.

    That allows me to get to the moment on the go. In times like these ( where I'm roped in mountaineering, I simply wouldn't be able to take a photograph if it wasn't already around my neck. And that's why I like neoprene straps. Your neck receives no abrasions, wetness, or coldness, etc.

    For smaller excursions, I'll just take my LowePro fanny pack which holds a body and two lenses. You can trail run nicely with one of those puppies.

    Regardless of what combo you use, carry that tripod. Sometimes I just use my ultralight Gitzo Mountaineering series tripod. But more often these days I just man-up and carry the bigger Gitzo 1325 tripod. In high winds and low light at mountaintops for sunrise/sunset, you just have to have a bomp-proof tripod.


  3. Oh my... is that Chinese?

    I haven't practiced my characters in years.

  4. Hi, Paul! Speaking of transporting equipment, Kate and I are planning a trip to NYC in a few months. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get our cameras safely through the airline travel? We'd like to avoid taking our tripods if possible. Also, any tips on shooting while we're in the city? Thanks! Kim

  5. How fun Kim. Of course, I'll send some suggestions your way. What month are you going?


  6. We're planning for mid-May, if all works out. I've never been before. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Kim