Friday, May 14, 2010

Ethiopia: Epic Story Tomorrow!

Meet Zahafta.

She is a student at the Mekele Institute of Technology (MIT) in northern Ethiopia.

She tested first out of 900 students on a recent placement test.

She travelled to the USA last year for a year-long exchange program.

She raised enough money to build the first well a remote Ethiopian village had ever known. This village now has drinking water that is clean and free of disease. It's a 250km drive north from Mekele near a city called Axum (site that a priest supposedly watches over the secretly located Ark of the Covenant), down a dirt road, then a substantial hike from the end of that road.

This village is her village!

She says they have yet to encounter any "faringies" (white people). And tomorrow JP and I will travel north with her to visit. I may be the most blessed man on planet earth.


  1. Peter-Thank you for taking the time and using your talents to show the world the beauty of Ethiopia. From a person how has traveled extensively through out the country- you were just able to really share the beauty of an overlooked-nation where vehicular travel is often too difficult, intimidating or pricey for many to experience. Your photography and videos really do put on display the glory, diversity and wealth of the Ethiopian Landscape and her people. Thank you very much for taking the time to take on this project. Great Photos and Much appreciated. Ameseganalo.

  2. Fendesha,

    What an encouraging note. Thank you.
    Have you adopted Ethiopian children?

    Exavier mezkin and Salem,
    Paul Hassell