Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hawaii: by Moonlight

Just one moon ago, we were at the bottom of the Grand Canyon along the CO River.
Last night, I was out on the beaches of Kauai, HI as the full moon rose again. I really can't say enough about my newfound passion for this natural light source. Before these last two moons, I had never even studied this possibility. The opportunities are endless, but last night I chose to observe and photograph a freshwater creek flowing into the Pacific beneath the moon's light. The intricate sand patterns and slivers of light were gorgeous. (exposures: approx... 30 sec @ f/8, ISO 160)


  1. may not remember me but i used to lead worship at 2nd pres but i was looking at these pretty awesome pictures and sure enough it's Kauai... My sister lives there!!! If you want to meet up with her she goes to an awesome church out there. Have a good week...

  2. Caroline. I'd have loved to connect with her. Just now noticing your post. Internet was sparce for me out there. Tell your sister, I'm nearly convinced that she lives on the most beautiful real estate on planet earth. Peace