Monday, December 6, 2010

Dominican Republic - deep water soloing

Climbing some super sweet cliffs here in the DR! (photo by Scott Steele)


  1. Awesome pic. I'm heading to the DR in a couple months and climbing is my number 1 priority while there. Where is this? Where can I deep water solo?

  2. Steve, your options in the DR are ENDLESS!

    This area is on the way to the airport in Santo Domingo from Jaun Dolio.
    If you need some great info, I know a couple folks there who could plug you in.

    Peace and Merry Christmas,

  3. BEAST. That's all that comes to mind.... .

  4. Im heading to DR this February and this looks amazing. Stuck with family but wondering if there is any Deep Water Soloing near Punta Cana (eastern tip of island) that I might be able to sneak off to, would love if you could get back to me.