Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vision para Vida!

"Guiding Light" - 5:13am on 21 January 2009

Before sunrise one morning in Patagonia, I set the camera's self-timer and made an image that shows me walking through the dark valley with my headlamp shining from my forehead.  The only evidence I walked there was the light that guided my steps.  Hear me.  The only evidence I walked there was the light that guided my steps.  But as for me, I was not seen.  I was invisible.

The image I made in southern Chile that cold January morning was no accident.  It made a permanent imprint on me, my vision, and the way I now walk.  Each time I view it on the desktop of my computer, I'm reminded, "Life is not about you."  The paradox is, when I remember this is when I have experienced the greatest abundance of life.  Huh?  I could go on forever, but that's all I'm going to say about it for now.  Enjoy.


  1. Paul,

    I met you the other night at a missions conference and just randomly found your blog while searching for info on photography classes in knox. Great stuff. I see Jesus in your pictures and your life. And it's beautiful!


  2. Elise,

    That is too cool. Thanks for your comments.

    I am literally in the process of sending out an email to notify folks that there are still spaces left in my two spring photo classes. I have one March 20-22, and the other one April 17-19.

    I don't know precisely what you are looking for, but these are fantastic opportunities to learn, while in the Smoky Mtns (most beautiful place on the planet--and I've been to much of the planet). Click on this link ( and please send any questions my way. I'd love to help.

    But I can tell you that if you happen to be a beginner, there is absolutely no better way to hone your skills than on one of these comprehensive weekends. Many of my participants start by opening their shiny new digital SLR camera from the box, and by the end of the weekend, the tools and gadgets aren't burdensome anymore, they know how to use the equipment, they're having a blast, and their ability to "see light" is beginning to develop.