Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photography Concert - A Great Success!

 Paul Hassell and friend Bryan Hill (one of the four on the Patagonia crew) set up in Knoxville's Square Room before a 150-person audience prior to the first-ever "Photography Concert" presented by Paul Hassell Photography.

Paul and Bryan, beneath a dimmed spotlight, sit back and watch the Patagonia Adventure video that introduces the audience to the 140km/hr winds of Torres del Paine and the stir-craziness produced in them from the 42-hour bus ride across Argentina.  On occasion, amidst cold winds and rain, a still image Paul took at that place and time drops into the motion picture.  Be sure to view this video below.  It helps to provide context for the still images you will view in the Patagonia gallery on his website.

Following some fun stories, the intro video, and some more side-splitting comedy, Paul did a brief teaching segment (using specific images as examples) on what's going through the mind of a photographer when an image is made amidst harsh environmental circumstances.  Finally, without further adieu, they presented the ten-minute slideshow of images and music that the crowd had all been waiting for.

Thanks to all of you who came together to make this evening a great success!  To purchase fine art photographs from Patagonia visit the website.

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  1. PHOTOGRAPHY CONCERT!!???!!! Did you make that up? It ROCKED! So glad y'all shared your travels with your fans. It really was fascinating to SEE and the Square Room is cool.
    Love you madly, Cary S.