Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tetons - Workin'

I don't care who you are or where you're from, swingin' an axe and splittin' wood could be the manliest endeavor a man can partake in. Well, my man "ness" has been thoroughly called forth from the depths. I just finshed splittin' four logs for winter firewood, and I'm one tired cookie. It probably didn't help that on my lunch break I ran "around the block" (a six mile hiking trail around the Climber's Ranch).

From Sunday until this coming weekend I will continue to do whatever manual labor the ranch manager can come up with. I suppose I'm earnin' my keep around this place. The week of work is also paying for my four friends who have come to visit me here in cabin 3 during the month. Quite a bargain really. I'm also using the time to write, read, edit photos, and dry gear as I prepare for our final week of climbing out here. The scenery's not too shabby, huh? (the tallest mtn in the center of the image is Grand Teton)


  1. The scenery is quite beautiful. I bet the temperatures are better than here as well. I love getting a glimpse of your adventures. Take care now, Melanie