Saturday, March 26, 2011


(photo by my amazing girlfriend Nora Hutchison)

A pocket alarm pulses pain into my ear within my sleeping bag. Rolling over, I hear the violent roar of foliage in the trees outside our flapping tent walls. Gale-force winds discourage me right back to sleep. My

body wishes to stay put. But dynamic light might exist at the mountaintop in a couple hours. And as I've begun to say in these moments, "You don't know if you don't go."

I consult my tent-mate Lance. He replies with an audible smirk in the cold dark tent,

"Bro... It's your J--O--B."

He continues, “I thought your job was cool last night... but man, it really sucks this morning.”

“Seriously Lance, say something inspirational for crying out loud. I mean, what would Abraham Lincoln say right now?”

“Abe Lincoln would definitely not go outside in this sh-t!”

I laugh and lay my head back down. I try to snooze it off. But the call to Light is too strong. I emerge from the tent and thrash my way back up the mountain in the dark for a second morning. Though I was nearly carried off several times by wind like a kite at the beach, I arrive safely at the alpine lake. These are some of the miracles I saw.

I love my J--O--B.

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