Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PATAGONIA - Testing F-Stop Tilopa BC camera pack

Greetings from Argentine Patagonia!

I'm using the Tilopa Backcountry pack down here and loving it. If you're going to be joining me for the Photo Tour in Torres del Paine, you may enjoy seeing specifically how I pack the bag. This is the setup I use when I'm trekking but staying in refugios or lodges at night like we will do on the Photo Tour. My backpacking setup (tent, sleeping bag, food, etc) is significantly more bulky.

The convenience and easy access to the camera is unsurpassed. It's held up to rain, snow, heat, and cold so far. The bag also fits great. I've enjoyed trail running with it down here in the high Andes.

According to your needs, F-Stop offers an array of different size packs and 3 Internal Camera Unit sizes (S, M, L) to custom outfit your gear securely within the pack. Get one at

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